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the safety of food that is eaten by consumers most often does not depend on a single organization. we therefore collaborate with many other food professionals involved in the value chain of primary production to consumption to make sure our products are safe when they are placed on the market. we also collaborate with the experts and policy makers in governments, who specify the requirements for food safety.

we share scientific and technical knowledge and skills in a joint effort to strengthen consumer protection around the globe following modern approaches.

examples of our food safety programmes:

  • internationally, we collaborate with academia and scientific organizations, such as the international life sciences institute (ilsi), international commission on microbiological specifications for foods (icmsf), and international association for food protection (iafp) on the latest developments in risk assessment and food safety assurance.
  • we support inter-governmental organizations such as , and codex alimentarius as well as competent authorities in the development of modern food safety capabilities (expertise, networks, tools, training and other resources).

we support the work of key regulatory bodies in developing the necessary food safety capabilities in the public and private sector involved in food production, manufacture and services operations.

as an example, in china we collaborate with the shanghai food and drug administration on food safety and cosmetics safety, e.g. supporting expansion of their international scientific expertise network and capability building in aspects of science and technology underpinning risk assessment and food safety assurance. likewise, we increasingly work with the china food and drug administration and the national center for food safety risk assessment with regard to product safety capability building.

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